Collection of Gradual chants


  • GradualeThe beginnings were in the 1970s.
  • This concerns the repertory of the proprium of the Mass.
  • Its function is to assist in research.
  • It takes the form of synoptic handwritten tables for each musical genre – introits, graduals, alleluias, offertories, communion – in alphabetical order.
  • It contains all the propers for all the graduals available in Hungary up to 1990, with some foreign sources chosen for comparison.
  • The synoptic tables – unlike the responsory collection – show not only the differing sections of the variants but contain copmplete transcriptions of each melody.







Further details

As with the antiphons and responsories, collection of the chant repertory for the Mass, including their complete corpus of proper chants, began in the 1970s. Almost all the melodies for them were transcribed by Erzsébet Borvendég under contract. The corpus shows in alphabetical, table form all the introits, graduals, alleluias, offertories and communions of graduals available in Hungary up to 1990, and those of some foreign sources shown for comparison. This collection, made to assist in research, was not accompanied by a plan of publication. It consists simply of a synoptic table arranged by function and in alphabetical order. The practice in the similar table for the responsories accompanies the main form only with indications of the differences, whereas here the full chants from each source appear. It should be noted that those planning the collection process did not aim at completeness, but they did seek to present a full picture of the chants of the Mass repertory. So the processional antiphons, ordinary pieces and other chants appearing in sources for the Mass are also included.

Once computerized musical transcription of the antiphon and responsory melodies  was complete, a start was made on computerizing the transcriptions on paper of the propers of the Mass. The long-term aim is to make the whole material available to researchers in searchable form.