Lecture recital


The Operatic Industry in East-Central Europe (1870–1920). An Essentially International Genre and Its Repertoire in the Service of Nation-building – An aria recital and lectures connected to the workshop, Budapest, HAS Institute for Musicology of the Research Centre for the Humanities

A concert and lecture connected to the workshop was an important event of the cooperation. It was located in the Bartók Hall of the Institute for Musicology in Budapest, which is known as an established venue for similar concerts and musical events. As a performer specialized in the music of the period, Hungarian soprano Ingrid Kertesi awarded with the Liszt Ferenc Prize and distinguished with the titles of Meritorious and Excellent Artist presented the results of the research to wider audiences. The individual arias and other musical compositions were chosen collectively by the representatives of countries participating in the project and the researchers also contributed by holding introductory lectures on the historical background of the music.

You can find the concert programme (in Hungarian) here. To watch the concert on YouTube, click here, or watch the embedded video down below.