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  International Musicological Symposium 

   in the Framework of the

  Bartók World Competition & Festival


  Bartók Hall, Institute for Musicology

  Research Centre for the Humanities


  14 September 2019



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Programme of the Symposium




9:00 Greetings and Introduction

Pál Richter (director of the Institute for Musicology)

and László Vikárius (head of the Budapest Bartók Archives)


9:15 Keynote Speech

Malcolm Gillies (Australian National University/King’s College London): Bartók and Virtuosity: The Three Studies Op. 18


9:45 Paper Session (I), chair: Malcolm Gillies

Llorenç Prats Boscà (Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest/Music University of Balearic Islands, Mallorca): Traces of Bartók’s Piano Style in 1926: An Analysis of His Concert Arrangements (Transcriptions) of Italian Baroque Keyboard Music

Zsuzsanna Könyves-Tóth (Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest): Noises, Frogs, and a Shepherd: Heritage and Progressivity in Bartók’s Night Music for Piano

Yusuke Nakahara (Budapest Bartók Archives): “Six Dances in Bulgarian Rhythm”: Pedagogical and Social (Re-)Considerations


10:45 Discussion


10:55 Coffee break


11:10 Continuation of Paper Session (I)

Viola Biró (Budapest Bartók Archives): “In Walachian Style”: The Formation of a Musical Character

Martin Elek (Institute for Musicology, Research Centre for the Humanities, Budapest/University of Cambridge): Parlando-Rubato in Bartók’s Piano Playing

Javier López Jorge (Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest): Bartók’s Performing Editions of Mozart Piano Sonatas: A Graphic Representation of the So-Called Vienna-Budapest Tradition and Bartók’s Personal Performing Practice


12:10 Discussion


12:20 Lunch break




14:00 Keynote Speech

Richard Taruskin (University of California, Berkeley): Stravinsky, Ditta, and the First Piano Concerto


14:30 Paper Session (II), chair: Richard Taruskin

Sarah Lucas (Texas A&M University, Kingsville): Early Editions of Bartók’s First Piano Concerto: An Examination of the Publication and Distribution Process

Virág Büky (Budapest Bartók Archives): Mozart, Ditta, and the Third Piano Concerto: Some Questions about the Mozartian Character of Bartók’s Last Piano Concerto


15:10 Discussion


15:20 Coffee break


15:35 Continuation of Paper Session (II)

Kristína Gotthardtová (Music Department, Slovak Academy of Sciences): Bartók and His Slovakian Contemporaries

István Csaba Németh (Institute for Musicology, Research Centre for the Humanities, Budapest): “The entire sounding universe in all its diversity”: Péter Vermesy’s Works for Piano and Orchestra, and Their Bartókian Models


16:15 Discussion


16:25 Coffee break


16:40 Béla Bartók, Works for Piano 1914–1920, ed. László Somfai, Béla Bartók Complete Critical Edition Vol. 38

László Somfai (Budapest Bartók Archives): Introduction

Imre Rohmann (Mozarteum, Salzburg):

Works for Piano 1914–1920: Bartók’s Harvard Lectures as Key to the Compositions




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