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  International Musicological Symposium 

   in the Framework of the

  Bartók World Competition & Festival


  Bartók Hall, Institute for Musicology

  Research Centre for the Humanities

  Hungarian Academy of Sciences


  14-15 September 2017



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Programme of the Symposium


Session 1 (morning) Thursday, 14 September 2017


9.45–10.00 Opening addresses


10.00–11.15 Keynote speech

David Cooper (Leeds University): Bartók, Biography and the Violin


11.30–13.00 Paper session, chair: David Cooper

Virág Büky (Budapest Bartók Archives): The Appearance of the ‘Ideal’ and other Topoi in Bartók’s Two Violin-Piano Sonatas

Sylveline Bourion (Université de Montréal): Bartók on the Violin: Integration and Transformation of Romanian and Hungarian Folk Music in His Two Violin Rhapsodies

Zsombor Németh (Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest): Imre Waldbauer and Béla Bartók



Session 2 (afternoon) Thursday, 14 September 2017


14.00–15.15 Keynote speech

Elliott Antokoletz (University of Texas, Austin): Tonality or Atonality in Bartók’s Sonata No. 2? From Folk Modalities to a Twelve-Tone Language


15.30–17.00 Paper session, chair: Elliott Antokoletz

Sarah Lucas (University of Iowa): Performance and Reception of Bartók’s Violin Music during His First Concert Tour of the United States (1927–1928)

Viola Biró (Budapest Bartók Archives): Bartók’s Violin Players from Maramureş

Yusuke Nakahara (Budapest Bartók Archives): A Triumph of Musical Order? Multiple Sources of Inspiration in “Prelude and Canon,” Forty-Four Duos, No. 37



Session 3 (morning) Friday, 15 September 2017


10.00–11.15 Keynote speech

Peter Laki (Bard College): The Decade of the Violin Concerto: New Music and the Performer in the 1930s


11.30–13.00 Paper session, chair: Peter Laki

István G. Németh (Institute for Musicology, Budapest): The Influence of Bartók’s Verbunkos-Based Violin Parts on the Work of Adrian Pop

Mohammad Moussa Khalaf (Bar-Ilan University, Israel): Bartók’s Violin: An Arab Musician Looks at the Western World



Session 4 (afternoon) Friday, 15 September 2017


14.00–15.15 Keynote speech

László Somfai (Budapest Bartók Archives): Bartók’s Violin and Piano Sonatas Nos. 1–2: Compositional Process


15.30–17.00 Violin Workshop

Joseph Puglia (Koninklijk Conservatorium, Den Haag): Workshop on Duos for Two Violins by Bartók and Berio




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Institute for Musicology
Research Centre for the Humanities
Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Liszt Academy of Music



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