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Dearest Ditta - Temporary exhibition from the estate of Ditta Pásztory Bartók

At the Museum of Music History
of the Institute for Musicology
of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

11 May — 17 June 2007

Brochure of the Exhibition (pdf) >

bartok ditta


Pictures of the Exhibition:

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  • ditta_terem


The exhibition was mounted jointly by the Museum of Music History and the Bartók Archives of the Institute for Musicology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Edited by:
Anna Baranyi (Museum of Music History)
László Vikárius (Bartók Archives)

Assisted by:
Virág Büky 
Adrienne Gombocz 
(Bartók Archives)

Katalin F. Dózsa (Budapest History Museum)
Mónika Lackner (Museum of Ethnography)

Katalin T. Bruder (Hungarian National Museum, Mensator KKT.)
Judit Papp (National Széchényi Library)
Katalin Sterbetz (Museum of Ethnography)

Technical assistance:
István Németh 
Zsolt Kemecsei 

Dávid Drucker-Janács 
Ferenc Matus

The exhibition was sponsored by the Hungarian Ministry of Education and Culture.