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Ligeti and Hungary. Rootedness and Cosmopolitanism – International symposium on the 90th anniversary of György Ligeti's birth (12–14, July 2013)


Booklet of the symposium (Biographies of Speakers and Abstracts)

Richard STEINITZ: Scepticism and Curiosity: an Aesthetic of Enchantment

Anna DALOS: Ligeti and the Beginnings of Bartók Analysis in Hungary

Bianca ŢIPLEA TEMEŞ: Ligeti and Romanian Folk Music: an Insight from the Paul Sacher Foundation

Frederik KNOP: Making It Home? The Natural Sciences as a Site of Belonging in György Ligeti’s Music

Amy BAUER: Genre as Émigré: the Return of the Repressed in Ligeti’s Second Quartet

Zoltán FARKAS: The Finite Infinite: the Confines of Range and their Significance in György Ligeti’s Compositions

Kyoko OKUMURA: Ligeti’s Atmosphères: a Crystallization of his Multi-Colored Associations

Márton KERÉKFY: Ironic Self-Portraits? Ligeti’s Hungarian Rock and Passacaglia ungherese

Volker HELBING: Remembrance, Destruction, Emotion and Humour in Ligeti’s Violin Concerto

Louise DUCHESNEAU: Introduction to the Screening of Ligeti’s lecture


Pictures of the Conference / Képek a konferenciáról

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