The Institute for Musicology RCH Budapest, and the InstituteThe Institute for Musicology RCH Budapest, and the Instituteof Ethnomusicology ZRC SAZU Ljubljana invite you to an international conference in honour of the first half-century of the Hungarian folk dance and music revival, the táncház (or dance house) movement.


Date: 23–24 MAY 2023

Location: Bartók Hall, Institute for Musicology Budapest I, Táncsics M. u. 7.


Organizers: Pál Richter, Drago Kunej, Zoltán Karácsony, Soma Salamon

Supported by: NKFIH, ARRS (Slovenian Research Agency)


The program can be downloaded from here.




23 MAY 2023


Meeting ID: 873 1456 0302
Passcode: 037585


24 MAY 2023


Meeting ID: 852 8795 1061
Passcode: 675226